20 Best Kids Beach Shoes under £25

Grooming your kids is a job that requires you to pay attention to each aspect of their life. It’s because whatever you do, it directly leaves an impact on their subconscious. And far as it’s concerned, entertainment occupies a considerable chunk of that.

You have to let your kids explore the world with their tiny feet & hands. Objecting to such behaviors leaves a negative impression of you on the kids. 

On vacations, families in the UK do visit beaches to have some fun with their kids. You can’t stop your kids from playing with sand and in water. If you opt for the regular shoes, they might stink and irritate your kids and you as well. To deal with this, we have come up with the top 20 beach shoes for kids under £25. Let’s delve right into it and see: 

Top 20 Kids Water Shoes under £25

1. WateLves Kids Beach Swim Shoes:

WateLves Kids Beach Swim Shoes

It would help if you had these pair for your kid to let him enjoy the trip he’s going for. It’s beneficial to you because it won’t stink. After all, there’s a quick-dry material used there. 

You must be wondering what if he slipped? No, he won’t because this pair comes with a neoprene material that makes these shoe non-slippery.


  • The sole is super comfortable with the utilization of Gum rubber. 
  • Made of a soft material that comes in a breathable fabric. 

Shop Now £12.98

2. Fuzzio Unisex Kids Clogs

Fuzzio Unisex Kids Clogs

This pair comes in a design that’s suited for both genders. They are super comfortable as the sole is composed of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). There’s a strip on the shoes that makes it easy for the kids to wear them on their own.


  • Unique design 
  • It comes in different colors (the Blue one is attached as a sample). 

Shop Now £9.99

3. HKR Water Shoes

HKR Water Shoes

This piece from HKR comes in a pattern more like an athletic one. If your kid is fond of athletic brands and is resolute to have the same shape as top brands like Nike, Adidas. Let him have a look at this piece; he/she would definitely like it. 


  • The pair does have the shock laces to adjust at the heel.
  • The design looks classy and athletic.

Shop Now £12.99

4. DigiHero Water Shoes for Kids

DigiHero Water Shoes for Kids

Ideal if your kid is interested and a fan of cartoons and stuff. The reviewers have repeatedly recommended this pair due to the unique form it comes in. One reviewer was found saying, “Her daughter loved the unicorn on its new shoes.” If your kid falls in the category mentioned earlier, it’s highly recommended to go for it. 


  • This pair is light in weight, so it’s easy for the kids to carry. 
  • Ladies out there can easily remove its insole to wash it off.  
  • Cartoonish.

Shop Now £9.98

5. Playshoe kids Unisex Footwear

Playshoe kids Unisex Footwear

A design that would definitely drive your kid to have it. It comes in a size that occupies minimum space in your satchel. So, it’s easy to carry them with you on long trips. Not only that, they are comfortable and let your kids stay relaxed in water & sand. 


  • Installed with an Anti-slip sole that helps your kids to maintain the required balance. 
  • It’s flat, which makes it convenient for the kids. 

Shop Now £13.25

6. JIASUQI Kids Water Shoes

JIASUQI Kids Water Shoes

Does your kid swim, and you aren’t able to find for him a pair of shoes that wouldn’t slip from his feet in between the exercise? This is a go-to option because the customers have shared their experiences using these ultra-lightweight shoes that provided them with a pleasant experience.


  • The pair is made with stretchy stuff that makes it easy to wear. 
  • Dotted material underneath them to avoid getting slipped.

Shop Now £6.99

7. Kyopp Water Shoes for Kids

Kyopp Water Shoes for Kids

You definitely want to have it for upcoming holidays for your kids. TO have a time that you’d remember for the rest of your life, you need to be equipped with the best products. This pair is not only soft but does possess a quick-dry feature that would suit your kid and will let him enjoy the vacation to the fullest extent. 


  • Soft material that can be coiled and placed anywhere. 
  • You can avoid scratching in this pair due to the material used in there.

Shop Now £12.88

8. Slipfree Shoes Beach

Slipfree Shoes Beach

Worried about your kids’ footwear in the scorching heat of summer? That would be an option worth considering because it can help your kids walk conveniently on those grains of sand. It comes with a rigid toe to protect your kids’ fingers if hit by a rock or stone.


  • Helps you to protect your kids’ feet from infection
  • The pair don’t slip on wet as well as dry areas. 

Shop Now £16.95

9. JIASUQI Girls Summer Quick Water

JIASUQI Girls Summer Quick Water

This pair of shoes comes in bright colors and with a unique design. The material of this pair is flexible, which easily matches the feet size of your kids. If you’re looking for a pair that your kids can wear in a pool and even in a dry place, this should be on your list because it possesses these features. 


  • With the strap on, it’s too convenient for the kid to wear and remove this pair. 
  • Ultra-thin material that avoids any irritation.

Shop Now £12.99

10. HMIYA Toddler Outdoor Surfing

HMIYA Toddler Outdoor Surfing

A lovely piece for your kid to wear on the beach. It’s unique with the dainty look and fits so well on the feet. It comes with the cartoonish stuff imprinted on the pair that fascinates the kids. There’s a hook on the back to let them put it on with ease. 


  • It comes in an Anti-crash toe design.
  • The pair is flat and comfortable for the kids. 

Shop Now £12.98

11. Swimbubs Water Shoes Toddler

Swimbubs Water Shoes Toddler

 You’re looking for a design similar to that of a sock and light in weight so your kid can carry it smoothly? This pair would definitely attract you because it falls under that criteria. 


  • With their elastic nature, it helps your kids’ feet breathe. 
  • Easy to put on due to the strip attached on the backside of the pair. 
  • Ideal for kids who love to swim. 

Shop Now £9.99

12)  KkomForme Girls Non-slip Barefoot

KkomForme Girls Non-slip Barefoot

This pair is particularly designed for young girls. With the sponge-like surface beneath the shoes, it enhances the grip on slippery surfaces. This extra-grip is a feature most of the customers relished. You don’t have to help your kid to remove them; there’s a collar for comfy on the back to let the kids remove it themselves. 


  • Safe and attractive design for young girls.
  • It comes with an adjustable toggle so your kid can fix it well on her feet. 

Shop Now £11.99

13. LakeLand Active Girls Shoes

LakeLand Active Girls Shoes

Your kid might have been a prey of sting while walking through the grass. After having it bought, this problem of yours would be solved. The synthetic material it’s made of, protects your kids’ tiny feet. It doesn’t matter if your girl walks through the water because, with the built-in quick-dry feature, you don’t have to wait for eternities to let this pair dry.


  • On wet-surfaces, there’s an anti-slip feature to help your kid not fall. 
  • Will keep your kid’s feet safe from cuts and bruises. 

Shop Now £13.99

14. Urban Beach Kids Aqua Shoes

Urban Beach Kids Aqua Shoes

Don’t compromise on the fun you’re going to have on your trip by selecting a pair of shoes that aren’t convenient for your kid. This piece is adjustable in size as there’s a hook attached to the shoe’s upper side. It minimizes the water intake and hence doesn’t aggravate your kid. 


  • They are ideal for trips when there are in & outs on the beach. 
  • Comes with a Pull-on closure. 

Shop Now £5.99

15. ChayChax Beach Sandals

ChayChax Beach Sandals

A cute pair of sandals for your kids can be seen in the picture attached. Find yourself confused about what to buy for next summer vacation? This probably would attract you because these sandals come up with a stable grip underneath for your kids, enabling them to play around without having their parents worried about it. 


  • It enables your kids to run safely with its firm grip. 
  • It comes in multiple variations to match your kids’ size.

Shop Now £20.99

16. Amoji Kids Beach Slippers

Amoji Kids Beach Slippers

A slipper that suits well to both genders. If you can’t always deal with the straps of kids’ shoes and aim for an easy alternate. This pair of slippers might help you. It comes in a classic pattern and feels like it’s for an adult (By the design). It would be a go-to option for anyone going for an elegant pair. 


  • This pair of slippers are soft but highly durable.
  • With the flat surface, the EVC sole makes it super comfortable for the kids.

Shop Now £18.99

17. Water Toddler Shoes

Water Toddler Shoes

This footwear resembles the socks in shape but is super-satisfying when it comes to spending time in the water. They are light in weight, and not only that, the material settles it well in the water due to its elasticated nature. It’s an option if your kid is into swimming and stuff. 


  • Made of Polyester and Spandex
  • For that soft touch from the inside, Gum rubber is used in the shoes. 

Shop Now £12.98

18. Kkomforme Unisex kids shoes for beach

Kkomforme Unisex kids shoes for beach

This pair from Kkomforme is comparatively thick in its material. The brand’s sole reason to create this piece is to enhance protection for your kids’ feet. Overall, the pair would look fabulous when worn. 


  • Water shoes with a thick and rubber-like material.
  • Imprinted Textile is used on the pair. 

Shop Now £11.99

19. Slipfree Girls Barefoot Watermelon

Slipfree Girls Barefoot Watermelon

Do you want a solid beach look on your kid? Do check it out because it really does match the beach outfit with watermelons imprinted on them. We highly recommend that because it’s one of the most relaxed pair we’ve come across.


  • Comes with a unique design.
  • This pair is versatile because you may wear it on multiple occasions, e.g., Beaches, Gardens, Bathroom, etc. 

Shop Now £16.95

20. Splash About Unisex Beach Shoes

Splash About Unisex Beach Shoes

Do you want to buy shoes for your kids that can survive for some months to come? This pair from Splash about is highly durable with its material. Frustrated with the sunburn? Don’t worry, this isn’t the case with this pair as the UV layer in the shoes protects the sunburn.


  • Made of a fabric that would allow your kids’ feet to relax.
  • Non-slip features to enhance your kids’ stability.

Shop Now £12.99


We’ve recommended the best beach shoes you can have in the UK for under £25. 

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