How to Apply Banana Powder on Your Skin?

You must have come across the celebrities on the social media platforms and wonder what’s one thing that differentiates their clicks from you. There are multiple factors, but one we would be deliberating on is the use of Make-up.

Here in this guide-we’ve covered, how one can apply the banana powder. Most of you might be unfamiliarized with this term but don’t worry, because everything you can imagine of, concerned with banana powder would be guided here in this post. So, let’s jump right into it and see what actually banana powder is.

What is Banana Powder?

What do you think of when you repeat that phrase in your mind?

The powder of banana, right? Hell yeah, you’re right.

Let’s see what actually the banana powder is because the concept behind it isn’t as simple as it sounds like.

It’s the pulp of banana that’s processed under high pressure in a container called colloid mill. This converts it into thick material. This paste is then treated with sodium metabisulphite to obtain a powdered form. This is then called the banana powder.

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Sounds interesting? We’ve simplified the steps further even because we want our readers to digest what’s

been shared with them thoroughly.

The uses of banana powder:

So, we now have an idea what the banana powder is, but what’s the point to know that? Obviously, the uses it has.

Here in this section, we would see how the banana powder can help us in so many ways.

  • Illuminated skin: You come across all those illuminating faces on the internet; what do they use? The products are used to enhance their skin tone. Banana powder is used for having that glowy appearance. You can apply the base and see for yourself the difference it would have on your skin colour.
  • As an Absorbent of Excess Oil: Excessively oily skin is another problem that many people face. Not to confuse, we’ve used the word “Excessively-oily” because moisture is required on the skin to enjoy a healthy experience.
    But when it exceeds a certain limit, it becomes frustrating and creates blockages for the skin’s pores, and causes acne. So, to deal with all these problems, banana powder is applied to the skin to minimize the oil concentration and avoid acne on the skins prone to that.

Lost somewhere in between and still searching for a piece to know how to apply banana powder? Please keep reading; there’re just 3 steps that are needed to be enacted.

What does banana powder do?

It’s a powder that can help your skin glow. Not only it illuminates the skin, but it aids in setting the foundation for the skin as well.

Now, what does setting the foundation mean?

The skin texture varies from person to person. To give it the required even-look as you see in TV commercials or on social media platforms, it’s dusted with banana powder to have that appearance. The cellulite structures or the creasing on the skin can then be, filled with the powdered form of banana pulp.

In addition to that, you can use this powder to get rid of the wrinkles you’ve been getting around your eyes, caused by using mobile phones for a longer period of times.

Applied powder on the eye-lid has the potential to remove those dark circles. And not only that; with this being applied, the appearance lasts for longer.

How to use banana powder under eyes

We’ve touched that part briefly above. But here in this segment, we would be delving right in-depth to see how to actually apply the banana powder.

There are a couple of steps that need to be followed to get it done. We would be considering each step one by one, so you’ve enough information in an organized form and you can just come back in order to analyze where you went wrong when you’re doing that yourself, practically.

Step 1: Use the Concealer: There are multiple arguments on applying foundation before the concealer or leaving it the way it is and initiate with the concealer straight away.

We highly recommend applying foundation before you opt for concealer because it’s always comparatively better to have a refined look before applying concealer. Yeah, the concealer does the same job but still-the more refined it would be, the better it would look.

Before you use concealer, apply foundation. After it’s done, utilize concealer on your skin to blend the imperfections on your skin tone.

Step 2: Apply the banana powder: After the concealer is being used. It’s the right time to apply banana powder over the layer. Gently apply that with the help of your make-up sponge and leave it for some time. The powder will provide warmth to the area being applied. Let it be like this until the face starts feeling normal again.

Step 3: Rub it off: The last step is to rub the excess powder off your skin with the help of a brush.

You’re now good to go!

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