Review: Everything you need to know about Ardell Magnetic Lashes

Since these eyelash growth serums and lash extensions came into the market, a surge in these products’ sales velocity has been observed, signifying how obsessed we’re with our looks. We always are searching for ways to enhance beauty and be attractive.

Ardell launched its magnetic lashes in the market, and Boom!!

People were amazed when exposed to such technology. There have been reasons for the Boom in sales. So, I’ve tried to post an honest review regarding the Ardell magnetic lashes, and everything you need to know is here in this post.

These magnetic lashes differ in some aspects from the typical eyelashes. The glue used to be utilized to stick the lashes with the eye’s natural line. Now, with these magnetic lashes, there’s no need to rely on glues and stuff. One can simply wear them and attend their events.

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Why Ardell came up with Magnetic lashes? 

As said above, the glues were being used so the lashes could stick together. This phenomenon caused itchiness in people’s eyes, and in some cases, it even leads to infection. This had become a massive problem among customers.

Any product that provides a solution to people’s issues deserves sales, and Ardell did the same with their magnetic lashes when they completely removed the glue from the scene. Moreover, it came up with reusable lashes, which then has been a new concept and did a million-dollar business of magnetic eyelashes in the UK.

How to wear these lashes?

There’s a procedure in place to follow because people had found themselves frustrated when they experienced itchiness with magnetic lashes as well.

So, let me tell them that it’s a product that’s being applied to one of the most sensitive areas of your body-the eyes. And if not done correctly, it will cause itchiness and may lead to infection even. So, it’s imperative to learn the process of wearing them.

  • Trim the Lashes: The first thing that’s needed to be done is to trim your natural lashes. Because the cases have been observed when the customers complained about itchiness and after having their lashes trimmed, the problem solved. So, it’s always better to take precautions before diving straight into it.
  • Apply Mascara: One thing that you’re suggested to do before you wear magnetic lashes is to apply mascara. The reason it’s recommended is that it then helps your lashes to gain some density. Once it’s done, it becomes easier for the natural lashes to hold the magnetic lashes. The grip would work out, and you’d be feeling more comfortable.
  • Wear it on your eye line: Here comes the tricky part, don’t be nervous. It’s your first time, and you aren’t going to make it, and that’s completely normal. Do give yourself some time to understand the process, and then repeat it 4-5 times before you actually apply it for an event.
    Hold magnetic lashes in your hand and gently match your upper lashes (natural) with your fingers. Once done, now hold the lower lashes and compare it with your eye line. The magnets of nominal sizes are attached in there. These magnets would cause the lashes to grip.You’ve done it!

    How simple is that!

Note: Do try it 4-5 times because you’ve to practice the aforementioned technique.

  • Use of applicator: There are other substitutes to wear these magnetic lashes. You may have an applicator and practice it.

Where did it come from? An applicator?

Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. It’s a tweezer-like instrument where you can fix your magnetic lashes and pinch them on your eyes. You don’t manually have to match your eye line, in this case, with your fingers. You just need to hold an applicator and fix those magnetic lashes on your natural lashes.

  • Removing your Magnetic Lashes: Removing the lashes is an art. It’s recommended not just to drag them that might tear them apart. It might hurt you and even remove your natural lashes in the worse scenario. Gently place your index finger on the eyelids and slide them to remove the magnetic lashes. This would help you remove them without making any errors.

Are the Ardell Magnetic Lashes safe?

Ardell Magnetic Lashes will be a go-to option if you’re searching for Magnetic Lashes in the UK market. The primary reason for it would be the FDA approved products from Ardell. Customers are ensured about the quality, and the certifications have been awarded to Ardell, which adds to its legitimacy.

Tips that you would appreciate:

  • Keep your own set of lashes.
  • The box must stay clean and tidy.
  • Don’t overuse.
  • Get your hands washed before touching them.

(Do visit the doctor if you observe any allergic reaction.)

Our Recommendations: 

Internet is deluged with products, and selecting the ones that would actually be beneficial to you is a skill & it can only be learned with experience. We’ve recommended the top 3 Ardell magnetic lashes & have reviewed them to assist you in this.

1. Ardell False Lashes Multipack, Demi Wispies

Ardell False Lashes Multipack

These lashes from Ardell are available on Amazon. To create that thick effect around your eyes, you must go for it because it can help you look glamorous for a shoot or even for a general gathering. These are reusable and can be applied again.

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2. Ardell Trio Individual Eyelashes, Medium

Ardell Trio Individual Eyelashes

For a neat custom look on your face, you can opt for these individual lashes from Ardell, which are available on Amazon. As far as the price is concerned, this particular product’s pricing is comparatively low compared to other Ardell magnetic eyelashes in the UK.

Low on budget? Go for it.

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3. Ardell Magnetic 110 Lash kit

Ardell Magnetic 110 Lash kit

In this package, the lashes come in a kit. You will be having eyeliner in this kit from Ardell, as well. Lashes are 100% natural hair, they’re not synthesized in the laboratory or by any artificial means; this is the reason it doesn’t cause irritation for the customers.

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Amelia Grace